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Are you wondering how you can successfully remove algae staining from your rendered or cladded building? Although modern through colour render, such as K-rend and Weber monocouche, are often installed as a maintenance free finish to both domestic and commercial buildings. They will, in our experience, require periodic cleaning to eradicate the build-up of moss, algae and day to day pollution.

Algae staining can take the form of green, red or black in colour and left to grow over time can cover whole elevations of a building. It is important to clean the building before the algae staining becomes too thick, as sometimes the algae can start to eat away at the render which can leave permanent damage to the finish of the render and of course it looks unsightly to the eye.

We have a wealth of experience in cleaning all types of rendered and cladded buildings across the UK and can quickly clean your building, restoring it to an as new condition in very little time – saving you money. Our method of cleaning is a New Soft Washing System which will sanitise the whole building – killing algae spores instantly and after cleaning we treat with a bio-spray for added protection.

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We do not use high pressure jet washers to clean render. The water pressure applied to the substrate is just too high and you will run the risk of damaging the soft render if you employ a company who use this method of render cleaning. You could end up with an expensive repair bill to try and patch holes in the render on your building.

We are usually able to reach high level and awkward areas of buildings using our own spider cherry pickers, which mean that the need for expensive scaffolding across the whole building is removed – saving our customers £1,000’s. 99% of the cleaning is done from the ground floor and extremely good value.

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